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GalleryStretcher-Testimonial0“The Canvas Stretching Machine has been awesome. We have increased productivity so much that we can now offer stretching services at a greatly reduced prices and have increased Custom Framing sales as a result. With limited workspace, this machine was just what we needed.”
Debby Reed – FastFrame 535

GalleryStretcher-Testimonial3“I have been using this machine for a year now. It saves time over hand stretching and the finished canvas has a clean look. The canvas stretching machine has a clamping and stretcher that can be adjusted as well as other parts of the machine because of it’s unique design. It can also be fitted into a workbench area.”
Doyle Yoder – DYP Inc

GalleryStretcher-Testimonial1“So simple to operate, quick to use and by far out performs expectations. A great feature is the ability to staple in an upright position, thereby causing no damage to the artwork. I have been using the machine for six months now and consider it the buy of the year!”
Barry McCormick

Canvas-Stretcher-Machine-Testimonial04“I have been stretching canvases for over 40 years by hand and have used one of the other vertical canvas stretching machines out there, and this machine far out performs it. I was used to stretching a 30×40 canvas by hand in about 15 to 20 minutes. With this machine, I now stretch that size in 4 to 5 minutes! I only wish I had gotten one of these long ago!
Alan Smith