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Gallery Stretcher – Exceeding our goals…

Greg Moulin & Dave Weaver Holding Custom Canvas

Greg Moulin & Dave Weaver

Greg Moulin is a talented graphic designer and owner of a popular picture framing company that is a landmark in Columbus, Ohio.

Dave Weaver is a retired Coast Guard Engineer Officer with several industrial designs to his credit, including a stream bed dam that protects an endangered species of fish from a crude oil seep.

When Moulin and Weaver first combined forces, their goal was to create a lightweight and easy-to-use canvas stretching machine.

After several prototypes and nearly a year of extensive testing, they created a canvas stretcher that exceeded their objectives — the Gallery Stretcher 60.

A user-friendly canvas stretcher

Moulin and Weaver quickly realized they had created a product so efficient, portable and affordable that it would be a valuable tool for others. They understood the number of small businesses that print giclée to canvas is growing rapidly — and many of these businesses would benefit from owning a user-friendly, affordable, in-house stretcher. In 2008 they began offering Gallery Stretchers to custom frame shops, printers and artists.